WA State Forest Resource and Capacity Utilization Mapping
NRSIG Budget: $60,000
Project Budget: $60,000
Sponsors: Commerce, Commerce
Timeline: April 2024 through June 2025
Partners: CINTRAFOR, Commerce

We're assembling a currated list of resources for mapping Washington State forest resources, infrastructure and wood processing sites to facilitate analysis and generate a better understanding of timber and biomass opportunities in the state. Our Open Data ArcGIS site (an ESRI account is required) has: Map Applications and GIS-ready Feature Services (data).

Direct links to the maps are available through the UW ArcGIS site:

Power Production and Distribution
Rail and Water Transportation
Forest Products Processing Facilities
Mass Timber Projects

Data, Websites, and Reports

Below are the resources assembled for this project.



Forest Resources

Power Plants

Power Transmission Lines





Water Transportation

Mills / Mass Timber

Fire Risk